Hi, my name is David and these are just some of my words.

by David


I do this terrible thing where all of the screenshots I take on my computer just go straight to my desktop. As consequence, it constantly looks like a small tornado recently swept through my all my files. (Fun fact: the first—and as far as I remember, only—time I’ve been heckled during a presentation was when somebody caught a glimpse of my desktop and shouted: “You need more screenshots there, bro?”)

As I was cleaning my desktop this morning, it occurred to me how funny of a thing this collection of screenshots is. It’s like a mini time capsule dating back to when I got this computer, and I took the moment to relive some memories. Like the time my bot in an AI competition was about to go in for the kill only to shoot itself in the foot (I was o, playing x). Or how I noticed Facebook taking Graph Search visuals through a silly amount of iterations.

I’ve traveled through time, been abandoned by all friends, was immature once in a while. I miss Piki, and apparently I also missed trivia and whatever thing these tickets were for. I helped plan our trip through Europe and then got gouged on another trip. More recently, I tried my hand looking for MH370, took a nice vacation, and had a hard time trying to find my office in San Francisco.

Screenshots are not a sole endeavor; screenshots always have an audience of at least two. I took these all at some point to share with somebody or bodies, but hopefully widening the audience on here has been entertaining to you as well, taking a glimpse into my recent past.

Somebody should build a Timehop for screenshots.

06 July 2014